Looks like John Galliano is back in fashion’s favour again after his recent troubles in Paris. The designer serves as guest fashion editor for the December issue of British
Vogue, starring in a sumptuous shoot with his long-term friend and supporter
Kate Moss. Supermodel Kate poses alongside the 52-year-old fashion designer as
well as gracing the cover of the style bible’s end of year issue.
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Whether styling a fashion shoot, scouring a flea market, or shopping for a new pair of sunglasses, Linda Rodin’s philosophy is the same: “It’s got to be special.” Years of trying “every great new beauty product” eventually led her to create a special regimen of her own. Named with a nod to the Italian culture she adores, Rodin Olio Lusso (“luxury oil”) was born in 2007 out of her desire to combine the effects of 11 favorite essential oils into a single, ultra-hydrating formula that bestows an instant glow as well as the softly bewitching scent of jasmine and neroli.
“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that not that many things work for me. So I’ve been able to scale back and narrow it down,” explains Rodin. “When I decided to make my oil, I just customized it to what my needs were, and it turned out that I didn’t need all these creams—I just needed one oil for my face, one oil for my body, one for my hair. It gives skin kind of an instant dewiness and keeps me supple and hydrated.”
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I think my black and white obsession is starting to return, can’t stop thinking about it now that summer is here, the only trouble with all that white is all that fake tan….shhhkkks!

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Miss ZaZa and Miss D recently took a trip to Florence for five days (something we can’t do here on the Island), and of course they spent time shopping cause Miss D loves a little bit of shopping. Not sure what items were purchased but I am sure there would have been a few designer items maybe even from D&G?
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