Things I am Thankful For 2013

Things I Loved in 2013
-My good health, my family, my friends
-MyPooch (always) after eight years he’s still pleased to see me walk through the door
-MyTom Ford “Black Orchid” which I think I need a new one
-My Iphone (whatever did we do before there was technology in our lives)?
-Mybelief that there is always something better just around the corner
-My beautiful home (although it’s often messy) make mental note, need to do more cleaning in the New Year and stop buying so many books and fashion mags!
-My love of shopping – need to also stop Showrooming in the New Year
-My Instagram
-My Website (which is almost 4 years old now)!
-My green nail polish (which my friends hate when they see it on me)
-My purple Coach bag, love a new bag especially when it’s coloured
-Verve, Baileys, Pinot Noir, Pecan Pie and Chocolate
-And of course LOVE, may you have plenty in the New Year
Maddy xx



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