Hedvig – My girl crush at the moment, I adore her website “The Northern Light” I am on there every morning first thing. She does a lot of what I am wearing today and she has a real sense of classic mixed with quirky. She also talks about her nights out and Sunday lunches and this makes her personable. She brings a smile to my face everyday. xxx

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Saveus my newest find – A brand new Australian design team who currently have a Pop Up Shop in Westfield City, Level 4 for the next five weeks. Make sure you have a look at their creative and unusual pieces in store or on their website.

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Some of my favourites

These are some of my favourites that I cant live without. Recently I misplaced my Stilla Convertible colour which can be used as both cheeks and lips, my old faithful in other words. I tore apart my spare room which doubles as a walk in wardrobe looking for it and of course I found it…Pheww…Meltdown averted! The Terry concealer is one of the best concealers I have every used and that is saying something, as I have tried quite a lot of them.

Nars – Bronzing powder in Laguna, Terry -Touch expert, Byredo Parfums – Mister Marvelous perfume, Stilla -Convertible colour, Elemental Herbology -Cell Plumping facial hydrator,  Nars -Duo Eyeshadow in Cheyenne.

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In keeping with my theme of Manista this month I thought we might look at some masculine womens clothing over the next few days. Acnes latest which also comes in black patent….ohh lala

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Manning Cartell SS 12/13

Manning Cartell’s latest runway sensation inspired by artist Frida Kahlo, with plenty of colour and layering. There were also the clashing prints and multiple textures,
including loads of florals and appliqued rosettes dotted on several pieces.

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