Summer in Sydney

Summer is finally here in Sydney, it’s 31 degrees already and it’s only 11.00am, wow! Everyone else will be making their way down to the beach, but not this girl I am hitting the shops (the online ones)!
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Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas to my friends

I thought it may be a good time to mention some of the beautiful things that 2012 bought into my life

-My Canon EOS 650D, life can be beautiful through a lens.

-My Kinesiologist who I have known for 12 years, without her my life would not now be filled with positivity and new beginnings.

-My Stila lip gloss Xmas pack (they only bring it out at Xmas) 10 great colours!

-My new colourist, what a fantastic job she has done, its only taken me ten years to find her and she has her own website, Sowsew (recycled designer fashion) and a percentage of sales goes to charity! Good for her!

-My friends for their constant support, and that support has been over decades of my life.

-My beautiful pooch, he’s always glad to see me when I get home and in the morning he puts his head between my shins when I am leaving for work (no, mummy don’t go)!

-My fashion mags, life would be extremely dull without them, (food for the soul) as Carrie would say!

-Fashion Blogs, more food for the soul, they cheer me up every morning and help me get through the work day.

-To all the men I have loved in my life! Every person you cross paths with in your life will teach you something important.

Thank you 2012 and thank you 2013 for all that you will bring me. xxx

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Available soon through Jane Jacobsen Bags, the newest and most hip bags to come out of Sydney. I think it might be called the “Brody”, what do you think?

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Hmm, where do I start with this picture! Well, I can say that I am liking just about every item on here, some of the favourites are: Red Cambridge satchel, purple lingerie, red day planner, burgundy clutch, blue/black tote bag, Nike runners, purple pumps with the gold toe and red heart coin purse…..Ohlala. Don’t you just love Christmas time, I know I do.

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